2010-07-20 04:51:05
VapT: and i dont take screen shots anymore, so that you wouldnt get pissed, cuz when your not banning my your nice
2010-07-22 05:05:39
anonymous=sf=: -_-
2010-07-22 03:52:24
Mr Jiggles: hi
2010-07-22 06:12:00
so=sf=: fart
2010-07-22 06:13:15
so=sf=: im gonna cut ur balls off and shoe em in ur mouth!
2010-07-23 04:17:37
VapT: K.
2010-07-26 01:48:08
VapT: nice copycatting sol -.- but maybe you came up with it on your own, cuz i would be all *fart*
2011-06-30 02:35:18
Tapout: hmm
2011-09-16 03:02:03
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